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Ordered this tee for my step-daughter and she LOVES it! She wears it proudly on campus!

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Perfectly cute with a bit of sass...just the way I like it! Fits great!

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Really fits my curves in all the right places! Plus the print is super-soft which is a nice bonus.

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Our Founder's Brand Story

Posted by Allan Goldberg on

Our Founder's Brand Story

My Brand Story is My Story

I have always had an affinity for using design as a mode to inspire and connect to our audiences. Each trend is a reflection of the decades I’ve lived and the ever-evolving world we populate.

We have passion and drive to better this world. It is our firm belief that it's never too late to take action in promoting a change that will not only benefit our planet, but also the lives of every living creature. Whether it be educating others on social media, volunteering for a community project, or creating a homemade sign for a protest; we, as people, find empowerment in expressing ourselves through many forms. I believe that my contribution to this movement is sharing these powerful ideas and words on my apparel.

Five years ago, the reality of this world crisis became clear to me while I took a personal journey in adopting a vegan lifestyle. It took years of educating myself on the impact the animal industry was having on the planet to understand the responsibility I had to future generations. It has become my personal goal to share this message with others, in hopes that I can create a positive change and guarantee a better tomorrow.

While this positive change may begin with protecting our most vulnerable creatures, the repair to our planet is a far greater task. Our beautiful Earth has given us all we need and we are now liable to return the favour. It is my hope that within supporting each other, together we can educate the industries, the governments and our world leaders to help us save our growing planet, the place we call home.

We are working diligently on a new brand called ILOVETHISTEE.COM For this mission, we have partnered up with likeminded suppliers that have recognized the impact the apparel industry has on the world. While helping deliver sustainable products and positive messages, together, we are choosing environmentally friendly methods to produce and process our apparel. Our commitment to this movement is not only to provide our communities with exceptional quality tees that promote an active change, but we are choosing to lead by example by transforming our company to achieve sustainability. 

I look forward to your support, your help and your feedback in this new chapter of mine that is driven by my passion to live a life with great purpose.

Yours truly,

Allan Goldberg

Founder, I Love This Tee





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